Deep desire

Deep desire, broken dreams,

these can frame a heart’s deep needs.


Tender whisper, loves delight,

opens heaven in soul’s dark night.


Precarious balance, what comes next?

Soul’s deep well birth’s “now’s” reflex!


Baby’s chortle, life’s unkempt,

each step breathes with new intent.


Insight sparking, blooms the new,

genius shines through eyes askew.


Hope uplifting, swelling songs,

life’s delight shapes love’s deep bonds.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Light makes me grin

i sit inside, my soul enclosed,

The windows barred,

the doors secured.

The outside world it flashes by,

but i’m within

and so i hide.


The light i have, is rather dim.

it flickers some,

and smoulders lots.

The risk is great, to open up,

be seen as me –

even as i cry.


Yet trapped alone, the echoes boom;

i can’t live life

alone, untuned!

With cautious moves, and hope’s small flame,

break the catch

on shutter’s gloom.


The sky is blue, the sun’s on fire.

My soul swells bright,

with sun’s delight.

I peer without, so few look in!

Yet, deep within

light makes me grin.


The treasures many,scattered round,

they glow with sparkles

and astound!

I’m captured fresh, by who I am:

resplendent life,

with much less strife!


I’m free to dance, the breezes laugh,

my air is fresh,

my world is lush!

The ones who hear, my music play

look in with wonder

and they say-


Will you come teach us how to play!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Breathing again

Blindness comes in many forms,

its shackles smooth

with links like lace.

The sweet constraint is my delight

as its embrace holds me so tight!

When ‘er some fool disturbs my ease,

I rise with fierce proclivity,

to set them straight or eliminate,

this source electric

that wakens things

that I had hoped would sleep and snore.


This shocking current that swept within,

has shone a light on all that’s dim.

The shackles bind and links they grind,

as now my monsters make life unkind.

I find the rawness in my throat

feels almost if I just might choke.

The cry within just wants to rage,

to lash out blindly and break my cage.

But I have learned that if I dare,

release what’s there and be so bare,

I’m only sickened, by this “me” so rare.


Yet now a hand that’s brave and kind,

is by my side and helps me unwind.

This one is sure and wavers not,

he seems to think what I can not!

He paints a “me”, I think I’ve lost,

this one is bright and laughs a lot.

This “me” that’s lived beneath my cage,

has been invited out on stage!

I’ve always dreamed that I could dance

but didn’t believe I had a chance,

until today I breathed again – and see!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Vulnerability births

Fragile silk

smoothly flows across my skin.

Eyes, so open

soothe my soul with liquid gold.

Hope alights!

Possibility’s desire seeks to peek,

through the tangled web of ancient wounds,

while fragile soul

soars within transparency’s embrace.


Vulnerability’s silky pull births spirit’s breath.

Life’s vitality, like silk’s caress, awakens desire.


Should calloused heart tear this silken breath,

would beauty’s eyes run tears?


The dance begun,

dear heart’s invited in to sense,

the wonder of your eyes

while lifted up though still unseen.

No longer hard,

and jailed within an ancient bitter lair;

simply free to be,

unique creativity dancing on air.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

When I dream

When I dream,

what’s deep comes free,

entwined within you  -though unseen.

In the mist

I sense a flow,

sweeping me past what I can know.


What I see

opens hope for me.

to be what dwells inside of me.

The leap I feel

sends me up high,

and so I fly beyond the sky.


Awake I smile,

the joy lives on

of hints of grace e’en though I’m worn.

I will not die,

I’ll overcome!

The fire’s kindled – now I’ve won.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Entering 2019

To be safe I must comprehend.

To comprehend , I must have order.

To have order I must control.


I leap out of my bed to face the new with hope and splendid rage.

Not rage that kills but force that leaps me over fear and dread to see from up above.


The floating pieces must settle down

and fit together as if each part of a jigsaw find their place.

Yet when confusion reigns, order flees.

Disconnected pieces lie scattered all around.

Pieces just don’t fit.

In fact the horror is -they are the wrong pieces!

Pieces from another place and time.

They can not fit and yet it seems a tragic loss

to simply throw them all away.


I claim the spark of creativity that ignites, that fills the sky with eloquence so bright. The surge that sings of dreams unseen and hearts that search within the glorious sunrise colours, for limitless opportunities in the new that springs – as if from frozen ground.


Confusion reigns and so my fear sweeps in to dominate.

Then haunting truth comes to light,

I‘ve misunderstood and so I need what now is gone.

The future tears the frame of my yesterdays!


I know I can not know, and yet I leap in spirit bright because there’s one who holds my heart and sings with confidence and life.


Still for each of us the new flows through.

It comes each day – both swift and sure.

The heart can quail, the mind can fray, as new things hint of change so different from yesterday.

The urge to freeze, to best ignore,

the flux that seems unsettled –

with dreadful tones of dire bells that warn.

So the clutter of our minds grows old.

I shrink from knowing, to settle into dull.

I’d best be bored and never look the future in the eye.

Until I die, bypassed forlorn.


I rise with Life, my spirit knows while mind is left behind, still placing pieces in the stream that will ignite creativity’s delight and kiss my hope with colours bright and order formed from sprit’s woven tapestry and live.

Author – Bill Tidsbury